Points/Rewards: To redeem or not, Pt2

Ok, so on my last post, (Pt 1), I said I would let you know how to add to your airline miles and make the most of those “other” points.  Keeping in mind that most “big” airline companies are now partnered with vendors like Loews, Home Depot, car rental companies, restaurant, grocery stores, hotels, Airbnb, cruise lines and many more. All you have to do is research which airline flies to places on your ‘bucket list’, sign up with and start shopping, eating, renting, cruising…and yes, you can use your debit card, because it is NOT the card you use, it’s where you choose to shop, eat, rent, cruise. AND we don’t really use our mileage or hotel points on the “mainland” (49 states). The only state where we use them is Hawai’i and/or  when we actually travel outside the US (not so much the Caribbean but Europe).

As for the hotels, try to stick with hotel chains eg…IHG which is the Intercontinental Hotel Group (Holiday Inn, Staybridge Suites, Crowne Plaza, InterContinental, Hotel Indigo and more); Marriott  Group (Ritz-Carlton Collection, JW Marriott, Spring Hill Suites, Courtyard by Marriott and a bunch more); Hilton Group (Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites) just to name a few, and rack up your lodging points. Staying at the lower end of these hotel chains like Holiday Inn Express, Courtyard Marriott, Homewood Suites in the USA and rack up points for their higher end hotels when you travel abroad. During low season, it will sometimes be cheaper to pay cash as you won’t want to waste you points on cheap stays.

If you have a Wells Fargo CC and they don’t offer hotel or airline miles, they have some cool stuff in the WF Rewards store – We got 2 FitBits, a Cuisinart Stainless Steel Cook Set and a Commercial shredder (for junk mail and CC offers) with those “other” points.

**NOTE – If you have points that are about to expire, use some to purchase a $1 iTunes song…that will renew your points for another year ’til you can really use them when you are ready to be out!! NEVER CONSOLIDATE YOUR POINTS…the fee is way too high and NEVER EVER allow them to expire.

As an aside, stick with the companies that offer the highest value for your points (1 to 1.25 cents per point). The key is RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!! It is so beyond worth it.

So rack up those points and MAKE THEM COUNT!! There are so many simply joyous adventures and cool stuff to do and buy!! Thanks for stopping by #SimplyJoyous




Points/Rewards – To redeem or not?

Many credit card companies, banks, hotels and airlines are offering products, lodging and air mileage points/rewards these days for everything from plane tix, hotel stays, car rentals to pots and pans…sort of like one-stop-shopping. It gets frustrating sometimes trying to figure out what to use when, how and where.  Based on our travels, we figured out how to get more bang for our points/rewards from all hospitality/travel vendors. If you love to travel like we do…here are a few tips today.

1. TRAVEL – We NEVER use our mileage points for anything other than travel

2. LODGING – We NEVER use our hotels reward points for anything other than lodging

These are two very important tips to always keep in mind. By keeping a check on these two, you will have more $$ to spend on your “Simply Joyous” adventures. Check out my next post on how to add to your mileage points using your credit or debit cards and also on using those “other” points.😎



So…what do I do when I love to travel, love to cook, love DIY projects/crafts and friends and family members want to know how to do all these “on the cheap”?  Well, instead of messaging each one separately, I decided to blog about it. I want to share with you how to travel anywhere for free or ALMOST free (airline miles), get free lodging or ALMOST free (hotel rewards), gourmet dining “on the cheap” and DIY projects/craft supplies and how to make them…real cheap! So let me tell you how to make your traveling, cooking/dining and DIY-ing Simply Joyous!!