Points/Rewards – To redeem or not?

Many credit card companies, banks, hotels and airlines are offering products, lodging and air mileage points/rewards these days for everything from plane tix, hotel stays, car rentals to pots and pans…sort of like one-stop-shopping. It gets frustrating sometimes trying to figure out what to use when, how and where.  Based on our travels, we figured out how to get more bang for our points/rewards from all hospitality/travel vendors. If you love to travel like we do…here are a few tips today.

1. TRAVEL – We NEVER use our mileage points for anything other than travel

2. LODGING – We NEVER use our hotels reward points for anything other than lodging

These are two very important tips to always keep in mind. By keeping a check on these two, you will have more $$ to spend on your “Simply Joyous” adventures. Check out my next post on how to add to your mileage points using your credit or debit cards and also on using those “other” points.😎



Author: #SimplyJoyous

I love to travel, love gourmet dining, love making simply elegant dishes, making DIY projects and crafts. Nature lover, oceans, seas, sunrises, sunsets, waterfalls and rainbows. Love bringing JOY to the lives of those I am blessed to come in contact with.

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